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Decree-Law 18 October 2012 n. 179, Article 25 paragraph 11

SEISMIX was founded on July 27, 2020, in front of the notary Francesco Mannarella, via Antonio Locatelli 23, in Bergamo.

Its registered and operation offices are in Palermo, via Briuccia 70, 90146 (PA).

Seismix founders are Chiara Cocorullo, Francesco Grigoli and Solgeo s.r.l..

Currently, SEISMIX has 2 employees. Geophysics MSc Chiara Cocorullo and Ph.D.-Seismology Camilla Rossi.

The corporate purpose is:
"the development, production, and marketing of innovative products and/or services with high technological value and more specifically and mainly:
mainly, the development, production, and marketing of an innovative seismic and soil deformation monitoring service in the geological, environmental, energy, and engineering fields, which makes use of new information technologies and innovative applications.
This service is innovative as it provides for the integration of multiparametric data (seismic, geodetic, geomechanical, hydraulic, etc.) in a single interpretative framework, guaranteeing better results in the monitoring of hydrogeological instability phenomena, in the characterization of mineral deposits and, in particular, in applications for the mitigation of induced seismicity linked to the exploitation of the subsoil.

Furthermore, it is of high technological value as it involves the use and implementation of new methods for the processing and quantitative interpretation of geophysical data of various types, based on the combination of Machine Learning techniques, Big Data analysis, and High-Performance Computing (HPC).
The company, secondary and/or instrumental to the typical activities described above, may also carry out the following activities:
  • the development, production, and marketing of management and data processing software, also with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, for public administration, professionals, research bodies, university bodies, public and private companies;
  • the organization and management of (as well as participation in) conferences, meetings, congresses, national and international fairs, training courses and workshops, even online;
  • the development, production, testing, marketing, installation, and configuration of customized software, as well as the assistance and support service in use;
  • the development, production, management, and marketing of digital databases;
  • the processing of geophysical data and satellite data of various types;
  • the development, production, and marketing of online platforms, mobile applications, or other web tools in general;
  • the purchase of patents from third parties and the transfer or sale of their own patents;
  • the purchase of licenses from third parties and the transfer or sale of their own licenses, as well as the use of GPL licenses;
  • technical assistance, consultancy, and training with respect to the aforementioned products and services;
  • general marketing and promotion activities for the aforementioned services.
The last financial statements (2022) are available here.
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DL 179/2012 ART. 25 PARAGRAPH 11
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