Microseismic network design

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Our services
Design and optimization
of seismic networks
The design of a seismic network is a very important phase of monitoring, during which the number of stations to be installed is defined and the layout is determined to achieve good detection and location capability.
This stage then answers the questions:
how many seismic stations?
What kind of sensors?
At what depth?
With what spatial distribution?
The answers arise from preliminary studies, site surveys, environmental seismic noise processing, spectral velocity simulations, and finally estimates of network detection capability for different layouts.
The optimization of a seismic network, on the other hand, is carried out after the installation phase of the first seismic stations by validating, with the first data acquired, the previously designed layout.
Our services
Real-time and
off-line analysis
of microseismicity
Automatic microseismic monitoring is real-time 24/7.

Manual review of automatically located seismic events is performed every day.

Instead, an off-line analysis is carried out with ad hoc developed software in cases where it is necessary to reprocess the data, or treat it with different methodologies from those used in real time.

At the customer's request, seismic event location performance can be further improved by optimizing P- and S-wave velocity models.
Our services
Quantitative interpretation
of microseismicity
Microseismic monitoring usually lasts for several years. It is therefore useful, after a certain period, to statistically analyze the evolution in the space-time-magnitude domain of the seismicity detected in the area of interest and possibly correlate its variation with industrial activities.
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