Innovative services for microseismic monitoring

Innovative services for microseismic monitoring using highly specialized open-source software for seismic network management.

Real-time microseismic monitoring
The real-time microseismic monitoring service provided by SEISMIX is based on the open-source software package SeisComP, which is used for seismic network management, transmission and processing of seismic data in real time. SeisComP is the de facto standard for this type of application, and is the system relied upon by many research centers and government agencies around the world for seismic monitoring.

SeisComP is also widely used for real-time monitoring of induced seismicity in various applications. A relevant example is related to the monitoring of natural and induced seismicity in the Hengill area in Iceland, where there are two geothermal power plants.
Advanced methods of off-line seismicity analysis
Loki is a method developed for automatic microseismicity location that takes advantage of waveform coherence, providing robust results even with very noisy data.
Since its development to date, LOKI has been successfully used in numerous applications at local and regional scales, including analysis of natural and induced seismicity, monitoring of volcanic areas, and analysis of acoustic emissions in underground laboratories. Recently, the method has also been extended for automatic detection of microseismicity.
Advanced methods of off-line seismicity analysis
HADES is a location method developed for applications where monitoring conditions are extremely unfavorable. In fact, it is applicable to the analysis of seismic sequences recorded by only one or two seismic stations. This peculiarity makes it useful for the analysis of off-grid or offshore seismic sequences. HADES is based on methods developed in biochemistry for the determination of protein structures and has been successfully tested for the Napa and Ridgecrest (California) seismic sequences and for the location of the offshore seismic sequence associated with the Castor (Spain) natural gas storage project.
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