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Technical and scientific training courses seismology

Technical and scientific seismology and induced seismicity training courses and training on specific software for microseismic monitoring. All our courses are aimed at technicians and professionals in the field and conducted by experienced personnel.

Course on induced seismicity
Upon request, SEISMIX organizes a course on induced seismicity monitoring. Ideally aimed at technicians and professionals working in industries related to the exploitation of subsurface georesources, it covers the following topics:
General introduction to the problem of induced seismicity
Physical mechanisms governing the phenomenon of induced seismicity
Seismic networks and instrumentation
Analysis of microseismic data
Interpretation of microseismicity data and modeling
Discrimination between induced and natural seismicity
Tools for risk mitigation
Induced seismicity and communication
The course is modulated according to the client's needs. It can be aimed at providing an overview of various topics concerning induced seismicity, or it can focus on specific topics, such as data processing.
Other courses
At the request of customers, SEISMIX can organize other courses, having as their subject the various software used for microseismic monitoring.
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